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Definition: Found Props. These are props that are Literally found "off the store shelf." With some minor modifications, the prop-makers turn them into high-tech items.

Prop Photo

Prop Description

Was In Reality

The Saurian Brandy Bottle,

Was a Dickel Whiskey bottle.

McCoy's Scalpels,

Were Salt and Pepper shakers.

The Radiation Detector,

Was a Vintage Survey Meter. Made by Nuclear Chicago Model 2586.

Scotty's sword from TOS "Day of the Dove",


Is a Basket Handled Claymore Sword.

Dr. McCoy's "White Sound Device" from TOS "Court Martial",

Was a 20th Century Microphone.

The Buttons from TOS,

Were made from Small Ice Cube trays.

The Chairs from TOS,

Were made by Burke.

The Movie Camera used by Kirk in TOS "Patterns of Force",

Was a Nizo S55 by the Braun company.

Max Kaiserman

Rec Room 3-D Checkers Game,

Was Space Checkers.

Rec Room Red Rround Playing Cards,


Were Red Jajaco round playing cards.

Prop Photo

Prop Description

Was In Reality

The Argo Driving Glasses worn by Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn & Brent Spiner,

Are shooting safety goggles made by Smith and Wessin.

TNG style Romulan harnesses,

Made from black Dri-Dek matting, woven with neoprene strips sprayed gold or silver. The Romulan Sashes were also made from an Industrial Dish Washer belt.

Picard's Tea Cups,

Were made by Bodum.

Scotty's Aldeberan Whiskey bottle,

Was a Cuervo Gold 1800 Tequila bottle.

The Duras Sisters Knife used to threaten Soran,

Was a Gill Hibben knife is called the Raven.

The Pen Stylis used in Star Trek Nemesis,

Was a Mini Hand Held Pencil Torch.

Picard's White Tea Pot,

Was made by Saenger Porcelain.

Star Trek The Next Generation episode: "Conspiracy" The case that Admiral Quinn brings the pink parasite bug to the Enterprise in,

Was a Notebook called the "Class Act Binder" by Worlds of Wonder.


The Knive handled by Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis,

Was a Gil Hibbon's design,
"The Double Shadow."

The Knive handled by Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis,

Was a Gil Hibbon's design,
" The Jackel."

Scotty's whiskey glass from TNG "Relics"

Was a Votive Candle Holder.

Prop Photo

Prop Description

Was In Reality

Worf's Blood Wine Mug #2,

Was a measuring cup.

The Cardassian Kanar Bottle,

Was a decorative wine bottle.

The Blood Wine Bottle,

Was a Bottle of Cuervo Margarita Mix.

The Wee Bairns Bottle,

Was from Pier One.

The tool case used as weapons storage cases on DS9,

Are Rubbermaid "Action Packers".

DS9 (Raktajino) mugs,

Was made by Hot Jo.

DS9 Mugs (Raktajino),

Was made by Thermos part of their "Nissan line. "

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Prop Description

Prop In Reality

The Holo Doctor's containment unit,

Was a child's sippy cup.

The Holo Doctor's Holocam,

Was a Remote control for some car or airplane, "Saber X."

The Captain Proton gun,

Made from 2 different squirtguns available from K-mart in a set of 5.

Captain Janeway's coffee mug and other metal cups used on Voyager,

Was by Nissan stainless.
"Coleman Double Wall Mug."

The 29th Century Tricorder,

Was made by Oregon Scientific.
It was a travel alarm clock.

Prop Photo

Prop Description

Was In Reality

The Small Wall Comm's,

Was a child's night light.

The Lighted PADD's,

Was a photographers light box for slide or negitive viewing.

The Universal Translators made by Yoshi and wore on the uniforms,

Was a Toliet Cleaner Cartridge!

All the console buttons used,

Were Bump Ons made by 3M.

The bottles seen through out sick bay,

Was Evian "Tear Drop" water bottles.

The Andorian Diamond used in the final episode,

Was a Paper weight.

In the episode "The Forge" the bomb used to destroy the Vulcan High Command and kill Admiral Forrest,

Was a small handheld electronic game called "M.A.G.S." made by Hasbro.

The Klingon disrupters,

Was modified car wash sprayers.
Made by Blackspur.

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